Saturday night: Philander Novocasa and his old buddy Aaron have arranged to meet at the entrance of Studio 57, the new in-location in SimCityīs DTA.

- Oh boy ! I should have known ! They wonīt let me in, Iīm sure ! Seems
to be a place for guys who are wealthier, healthier, prettier and just plain cooler than I could
ever hope to be ! Letīs return home and get a tie at least !

* Whatīs up with you, man ?? Have a look at that loser over there ! Does he look serious to you ? Did
I turn up in my smoking ? You wonīt need a tie ! And besides that, Mr. Bronski : among the folks Iīve met
in my life, youīre one of the coolest! Cīmon - letīs enter now!

- Great ! This is like in the movies ! Weīre where itīs at, man - thatīs where we are !

*Yeah ! Letīs have some drinks !

* What did I tell You ! Did you notice the babes around, Bronski ? Hey ! Hey, stop staring
at that elderly lady - just behave normal this evening, O.K. ? I didnīt buy a drink for
10 bucks to be kicked out before midnight again !

- Sheīs my neighbour ! Sheīs got a flat somewhere in my appartement block ! Hoho - Everybody calls her the old prude ! Sheīs always complaining about almost everything people do : playing their music too loud, parking their cars on the sidewalk, dancing with the postman - whatever you like ! Iīd have never expected to meet her here !

* I wonder which drink she ordered ?

- Well, you soon will know !

* Eh ?

- Yeah, I said to the barkeeper: We want exactly what the lady ordered !

* Hm. So wait and see . What about doing a little dance know ?

- Iīm a drinker - not a dancer !

*I know - have fun !

-Wait ! What did you mean saying : Behave normal ?? What did you mean ??

* Nothing, Aaron. Just enjoy your drink and relax, O.K. ?

* Hi, Iīm Phil, Phil Novocasa. Donīt wonder why my face looks familiar to you - I did some tv-commercials !

>> Honestly, I didnīt have that impression. Perhaps you could give me a hint ?

* I was the NutBud-Boy !

>> Pardon :-) ?

* Itīs a candy.

>> Oh. I see. By the way : My name is Pandora. Pandora SIMpson.

*Nice to meet you. Letīs dance !

-Phil ! Whereīs the loo ? I gotta go to the loo ! Phil !!

* The lavatory is just to your right.

- Boy, I donīt wanna wash myself, thatīs for suuure !

>> Well, he better should. Thatīs a friend of yours ?

* Yes, heīs got digestive problems sometimes, but letīs...ooohhh, excuse me pleeeaaaseeeee...

About one hour later. Phil and Aaron still chilling out at Giselher von Resotzky-Square.

- Nice babe you were talking to.

* Yeah. Sheīs the anchorwoman of XTV, some local tv-channel. My career as The NutBud-Boy didnīt impress
her much, Iīm afraid.

-Sheīll need a new suit, I suppose.

* Yah. I just couldnīt hold it back. By the way: Did I ever tell you how glad I was when I found out that De Brouglie postulated the electronic wave and crashed the planetary model of the atom ?

-Must have been great for you. But can you imagine my flaming enthusiasm about Einstein taking the Lorentz transformation for serious and developing his relativistic cinematics out of it ! Can you ?

* Aaron, do you know what scares me ? I never studied nuclear science. Not a single day !

-Me too. By the way - do you know what the old prude said to me when we tumbled out ?

* No.

- Well, boys: If itīs too strong - youīre too weak !